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Fitness Exercises for Expectant Mothers


Some people believe that pregnancy and exercise are absolutely incompatible. But any expert will tell you that moderate exercise will not only improve the overall body tone, and will raise the future mother spirits, but also help in the future at birth – of course, unless there are serious contraindications.
The first thing to figure out is what kinds of physical activities are specifically suited to you. But do not think too long, because the earlier you start training, the safer it will be for the pregnancy. Of course, running and jumping during pregnancy is impossible, but yoga and swimming are very fit exercises.
Especially fit for the expectant mothers are the exercises with elements of yoga, as it is convenient to do them not only in fitness clubs, but also at home. However, in home lessons are both positive and negative sides. In order to make a regular practice at home you need a remarkable self-discipline. Therefore, if you are not confident in your strength of will, it would be better to attend the gym, where you can safely do exercises under the guidance of qualified coaches. If you still prefer home-training, for you we have picked up a number of simple and useful exercises.
Fitness for Pregnant Women: Exercises
Exercises for the buttocks and thighs
1. Sit on the floor; bend your knees and press your feet to the body as closely as possible. Then gently presses your hands on the inside of the thighs or on knees. Retain in that position for ten seconds, and then relax. Repeat this exercise 5 times.
2. Lying on your left side put your left hand under your head and pulling the right hand put it in front of you, keeping the balance. Make a breath in and relax. On the exhale, slowly lift your right leg straightened up with a flexed foot. Take a breath, and then slowly bring it down. Turn to the other side and repeat the exercise for the other leg.
Exercises for back muscles
1. Sit on the floor; lift up one arm, while inhaling. Pull the arm up as high as possible to feel the “stretching” of muscles from the shoulder to the waist. Then bend your elbow and leave it down, while making a slow exhalation. Repeat the exercise on the other hand. For each hand you should do the exercise 4-5 times.
2. Take the starting position – sitting or standing. The Relaxed hands are dropped down the back is straight. Next, breathe in, lifting your shoulder and pulling it forward, then pause, making a half turn. Then slowly bring your shoulder back and leave it down. At the end of turn, do the exhale. Then change the shoulder. Repeat 4-5 times.
3. Take the position with the face to the wall at a distance of about two steps away from the wall. Put the straight arms against the wall and lean forward, bending at the elbows. In this case we make sure that the feet have never left the floor. Slowly, but firmly repel from the wall, thus returning to the original position. Repeat this exercise 15-20 times.
4. Stand with the left side to the wall; put your left hand against in. Tighten your right leg to your stomach using the right hand. Then bend your back arch, head forward stay in this position for a couple of seconds, then straighten and down your leg. Next, do the same with the other leg.
Yoga for Pregnant Women: Harmony of body and soul.
Yoga classes – is a great choice for anyone, but especially for the expectant mothers, because it comprises vital flowing movements, breathing exercises, improves the ability to focus and finds the right balance between the psychological and physical condition. However, note that even if the doctor has approved your willingness to do yoga, there are many techniques and exercises that have to be avoided. For example, these include all the attitudes that need to lie on your back or stomach more than a few minutes. You should also avoid deep twisting, bending forward and backward, and those positions that stretch the abdominal muscles too much.
Swimming classes for expectant mothers
A very important and useful exercise during pregnancy is swimming. Pool has many advantages, the main of which is: the water procedures have a calming effect. The Body weight decreases in the water, due to what it is easier to maintain stability. In addition, the fetus and the uterus is becoming easier, reduces pressure on joints and back pain.
There are many different water exercises, the most simple of them – is swimming in not so high temperature water for half an hour, where the starting and final five-minutes you have to sail more slowly. It is also useful if you want to do water aerobics, but this should not be too zealous.
The main thing is when you start to strengthen your body doing exercises, do not be lazy and do not stop training. Subsequently, they serve you an excellent service in the process of childbirth, and after them, when a young mother will need patience and endurance for taking care of her child.
Liudmila Cosicova is a free lance article writer, Blogger and Internet Marketer from RM. She mostly writes about fitness for women

Fitness Exercises for Expectant Mothers

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