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Important Reminders To Take Before You Visit Tanning Salons

By Helene Norris
Certainly, sun kissed skin is the latest trend these days that have been sweeping the country. Most people measure the health status of an individual base on the color of the skin because it usually signifies a good level of activity. The only way to get that kind of skin is to be exposed to the ultraviolet ray of the sun and if you do not have enough time to get out and say hello to mister sun then an alternative is made just for you through tanning salons anchorage ak.

A sunbed or sun tanning bed is a certain device that emits an ultraviolet ray to produce that cosmetic tan. They use some fluorescent lamps that emit UV in a spectrum level that is somewhat similar to the sun. This is main device used in salons that cater to the tan needs of the people. They were brought to America by Friedrich Wolff in 1979.

Due to some reported adverse effects the World Health Organization discourages the use of UV tanning devices for cosmetic reasons and concluded it can cause skin cancer. However, some researchers proposed that benefits derived from exposure to vitamin D producing UV rays far outweigh the miniscule risk. They stated that it has 0.2 percent of causing skin cancer.

Sunlight is the key source of vitamin D that accounts over ninety five percent in our body. Many people have a vitamin D deficiency during winter when there is not enough sunlight. A session in the sunbed can help with this deficiency.

One of the most crucial supplements that our body naturally need is vitamin D which accounts for a lot of function in our system. It is responsible in the absorption of phosphorus and calcium to strengthen our skeletal system thus prevents any early onset of osteoporosis. It releases the hormones that are responsible for making us feel good, boost our immunity to protect us against any diseases and numerous of other benefits.

Tanning salons are responsible in making sure the people receive enough vitamin D necessary for their health when times that sun exposure is not available. It has been known that there are five thousand more sunbed salons than McDonalds in America. The industry has a five billion dollars net worth every year.

This method of tanning is indispensable during winter when there is little sun available. It provides the necessary vitamin D for the people. A type of depression develops on this season called winter blues which can be treated through sunbed.

The citizens who enjoy a glowing tan skin regularly often claims that the use of sunbed provides them that feeling of well being. They believe that the health benefit is the ability to relax and soak up the artificial UV rays. It has been shown it aids in acne outbreaks, may lower blood pressure and cholesterol and reduce the vulnerability of the skin to any form infections.

You must always be reminded to stay in the moderation side when it comes to UV exposure. Too much can cause skin cancer and though the chances of it is so little it would still help to avoid it. The technology of tanning salons anchorage ak has really made a difference on the lives of many individuals.

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Important Reminders To Take Before You Visit Tanning Salons

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