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How To Set Up A Proven Diet

Proven Diet
Proven Diet

By Russ Howe

If you’re like most people, then you have probably asked for advice on how to lose weight in the past and been baffled by the many contradicting answers you have heard. Today we will be looking at five proven factors which will help you to remove doubt from your diet plan and get some serious results.

Once you have laid down the foundations of your diet with the 5 rules given to you here, you will then learn how to combine each of them with hiit sessions in order to push your fat loss results to a whole new level. []

Once you have been able to lay down the ground work with the five diet principles, you can add a high intensity interval training routine alongside it to elevate results one step further. Let’s start with a quick look through the diet principles:

* Establish your daily calorie goal.

* Your protein/carbohydrates/fats ratio must be optimized.

* You must drink plenty of water.

* Discover how to get more from your snacks with protein.

* Discover how to ration your carbohydrates for maximum results.

Before you go any further, the first thing you must do is establish how many calories you are eating. If you are not sure then grab a little black book and start writing down everything which passes your lips for the next day. This will give you a general idea, it doesn’t need to be an exact science. Once you’ve established this you simply need to set a slight deficit to begin getting some general results. Chop around 200 calories from your existing total to begin with.

After that, you are ready to begin optimizing your intake of the three macronutrients. This means looking at your protein, carbs and fat intake. Obtain around 40% of your calories from protein, the same from carbohydrates and a 20% portion from mostly healthy fats. This is known as the 4-4-2 idea. []

Third on the list is water. If you don’t think you drink enough water than the chances are you’re right. Your muscles are mainly made up for water, so in order to get that lean, full look to them you need to ensure your water consumption is on point. To do this, fill two one liter bottles at the start of the day and work through them as the day progresses.

You can maximize your snacks by using protein rather than junk foods. Your body can utilize this for fuel far more effectively and it also enables you to protect your lean muscle tissue during a busy day at the office. Take two or three small tubs, each packed with a rich protein source such as tuna or whey protein, in your rucksack to work with you and enjoy them throughout your shift.

This will eliminate your temptation of using the vending machine.

Carbohydrates can be a major cause for concern, too. Many people hear myths such as “You shouldn’t eat carbs after 8pm”, or that you need to stop eating them altogether. The truth is your lifestyle is not compatible with the clock sometimes, and you should merely look to structure your carbohydrates around your busiest periods of the day.

Next, you should look to use high intensity interval training in your workout routine to take these results one step further. You can do this by jumping on a bike and setting the timer for 30 minutes, switching between a moderate intensity to a thirty second burst of maximal effort every four minutes.

Learning how to lose weight is an often confusing subject. With so many people giving different opinions on both diets and hiit workouts, sometimes it pays to put your faith in the latest science rather than following whatever the latest magazine trend is.

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How To Set Up A Proven Diet

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How To Make Sure Your Diet Is Optimized To Build Muscle

By Russ Howe
Despite the popularity of gyms around the world, most people do not know how to lose weight and keep it off. The same goes for building muscle – most people have no idea how to correct their diet in order to maximize lean muscular gains.

In today’s post, you will learn how to do this for yourself.

You would be shocked to see how many individuals seem happy to toil away for hours each week in the gym only to sacrifice their results by eating a terrible diet packed with alcohol and junk food. You don’t need to stop eating your favorite foods by any means, but you do need to learn a few facts. The first fact is that in order to lose weight you need to lower your daily calorie total.

When it comes to packing on lean muscle, we need to talk about things in a little bit more detail. Rather than just sorting out your calorie intake, it would make sense to look at how to optimize what those calories are made of. []

Don’t worry, though, working out your daily intake of calories is not rocket science – although it is needlessly over complicated by many in the fitness industry. In order to establish not only how many calories you should be eating per day, but also where those calories should be coming from, then try the following equation:

* Total daily calories = target body weight in pounds x 15.

If you wanted to reach a weight of 180 pounds, you would simply take that figure and multiply by fifteen. In this instance, it would give you a target of 2700 calories per day.

* Total daily protein intake = 30% of overall calories divided by 4.

Getting the right split of the three macronutrients is critical to ensuring your calories are coming from the right places. For protein, we can establish that 30% of 2700 is 810 calories. Now divide this by four and you’ll be given a target of 202 grams per day.

* Carbohydrates = 55% of your calories for the day. Divide the answer by 4 to get this in grams.

Our highest intake when trying to bulk up is carbohydrates. We need 371 grams per day for the individual in question here. That’s because we need 55% of our calorie target coming from carb sources.

* Total daily fat intake = 15% of overall calories divided by 9.

To establish the fat intake for our 180 lb male, we would take 15% of our calorie target and divide the figure by 9. So, 15% of 2700 calories is 405. This figure divided by 9 is a total of 45 grams per day in healthy fat sources.

Alongside your other two macronutrients and your total calorie target, you now have the foundation of a proven muscle building diet. Alternatively, if your goal is to learn how to lose weight you can enjoy similar success by simply playing around with this proven principle and finding a balance which works for your body.

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How To Make Sure Your Diet Is Optimized To Build Muscle

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Female Bodybuilding Diet: Tips to Make It Work


A female bodybuilding diet is an important element of bodybuilding. For women who want to get fit, going to the gym and spending hours running on the treadmill or lifting weights will never be enough if they do not follow a particular bodybuilding diet. Such diet will ensure that your efforts are not done in vain as it will help maximize your bodybuilding training.
Women normally face challenges throughout their bodybuilding training and career that are different from that of men. One of the apparent reasons why some of them face these challenges is the lack of sufficient information about the subject female bodybuilding. This is because almost all of the information available over the Web is pertained to men. When I first started out i felt very frustrated with it all. Can’t women also have healthy defined bodies? Without enough information, it would be too risky to go on with this activity as one’s physical health may be compromised in case a mistake in the training is done. Although some of the advices directed to men can also be applied to a woman’s bodybuilding regime, this is not always the case. A specific female bodybuilding diet, for instance, should be clearly laid down and followed.
Tips for Women Bodybuilding Diet
Female bodybuilding diet is an important element of any efficient bodybuilding program for women. Here are some tips that you can follow to make your venture surely work.
Changing your eating habits – If you are serious about building your body healthily, you should begin by changing your everyday eating habits. Basically, you need to quit the three-full-meal system. Eating big meals three times a day is not really healthy although it may seem energizing – especially if you’ve been used to it. What you should do instead is to eat small meals several times a day (about seven times a day or every three hours).
You see, your body needs a constant flow of nutrients especially if you are burning a lot of calories through working out. Eating three big meals will leave long gaps in between. The lack of constant flow of nutrients may be more harmful to women than men, so make sure that you follow this new routine.
Eating balanced meals – Following a proper and balanced female bodybuilding diet is very crucial if you want to gain optimal results. There are a lot of women who vigorously work out and train to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, some of them complain of insufficient results. This is normally due to improper and imbalanced diet.
Basically, protein is very important when trying to lose fat and gain muscles. Protein is basically the building blocks of the body and muscles. You should consume more lean meat and products that are high in protein such as chicken, fish, lean red meat parts and protein shakes. You should also consume much of these proteins during breakfast for maximum effect.
Employing the right trainer or coach – Bodybuilding can be a daunting activity especially for a woman. The assistance of an expert trainer or coach who can lead you all the way towards the achievement of your bodybuilding goals is important especially if you are just starting out. The coach or trainer can provide you with good advices and tips on the female bodybuilding diet and in my opinion is it paramount for someone who is serious about getting toned and lean to consult in the right expert advice and training. They can take you to your perfect body goal quickly, saving you time and effort that you might have spent trying things that have no hope in getting you to your dream body. It is also necessary to get into a programme that understands you and your requirements. It took me a long time before I got to where I wanted to be because I was seeking advice from the wrong people and programs!
Linda S Barker takes pride in all the women she has helped achieved their dream physique by giving them a firm foundation of what is required in the workout programs, their diet and their mentality. Her mission is to bring fresh and upto date information about how all the things one needs to get them closer to the results they want to achieve.
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Female Bodybuilding Diet: Tips to Make It Work

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Natural Bodybuilding Diet: The Key to Success


Bodybuilding has become a popular trend in today’s healthier lifestyle. When you choose to shape up with bodybuilding, it comes with a lot of challenges. These challenges include discovering the true meaning of commitment, self-discipline, dedication and strength – both mental and physical. As well as heavy workouts and exercises, it is also important to have a healthy diet. A natural bodybuilding diet can be a very good diet meal plan, to help you easily achieve a great bodybuilder figure.
What Is Natural Bodybuilding?
Natural bodybuilding is to choose to build your physique without taking any drugs such as steroids, pro-hormones, or other banned substances. It means that there is no substitute for hard work in the gym and a disciplined diet. Being diligent and determined will make you a successful bodybuilder.
Proper Bodybuilding Diet
A sample natural bodybuilding diet meal plan
07:30 Breakfast
3 eggs, 100gm wheat bread, 300ml orange juice,
10:00 Protein shake break
500ml skimmed milk, 30gm milk protein powder, 1 banana (100gm)
12:00 Lunch
1 piece large chicken breast grilled without oil, 150gm brown rice, 5 florets steamed broccoli
3:00 Protein shake break
250ml apple juice, 250ml skimmed milk, 30gm milk protein powder
6:00 Dinner
200gm medium salmon steaks, oven baked, 100gm broccoli, 100gm asparagus spears
7:30 Post workout shake
250ml orange juice, 250ml skimmed milk, 30gm milk protein powder
9:00 Supper
50gm slice of chicken breast, 400gm quark or cottage cheese, 100gm cherries
Nutrition plays a crucial role in a bodybuilder’s physique and performance. One way to reach your fitness or bodybuilder’s goal is to understand the concept of a good nutrition meal plan and nutrition timing. Stated above is a sample of natural bodybuilding diet meal plan. This diet meal plan must carefully meet the calculated specific requirements of daily energy and other basic micronutrients, to make the goal of having lean muscle and of decreasing your fat mass. Basic micronutrients such as protein, carbohydrates and fats should always be present in your bodybuilding diet, since you are not taking any supplements or steroids. Proteins are building blocks of muscle tissue, which are necessary for the reconstruction of your muscles during training. On the other hand, carbohydrates will help give you the energy needed for your workouts and also are essential to gaining muscles. Fats are also important for building muscles and assisting the body in functioning properly.
You will find that once you have been on this bodybuilding diet for a short time you will soon begin to feel the effect it is having on your body.
Fitness bodybuilding is an art. To get those muscles and sculpt them to a perfect body needs proper nutrition and specific exercises. To find more information please visit

Natural Bodybuilding Diet: The Key to Success

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