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How To Make Sure Your Diet Is Optimized To Build Muscle

By Russ Howe
Despite the popularity of gyms around the world, most people do not know how to lose weight and keep it off. The same goes for building muscle – most people have no idea how to correct their diet in order to maximize lean muscular gains.

In today’s post, you will learn how to do this for yourself.

You would be shocked to see how many individuals seem happy to toil away for hours each week in the gym only to sacrifice their results by eating a terrible diet packed with alcohol and junk food. You don’t need to stop eating your favorite foods by any means, but you do need to learn a few facts. The first fact is that in order to lose weight you need to lower your daily calorie total.

When it comes to packing on lean muscle, we need to talk about things in a little bit more detail. Rather than just sorting out your calorie intake, it would make sense to look at how to optimize what those calories are made of. []

Don’t worry, though, working out your daily intake of calories is not rocket science – although it is needlessly over complicated by many in the fitness industry. In order to establish not only how many calories you should be eating per day, but also where those calories should be coming from, then try the following equation:

* Total daily calories = target body weight in pounds x 15.

If you wanted to reach a weight of 180 pounds, you would simply take that figure and multiply by fifteen. In this instance, it would give you a target of 2700 calories per day.

* Total daily protein intake = 30% of overall calories divided by 4.

Getting the right split of the three macronutrients is critical to ensuring your calories are coming from the right places. For protein, we can establish that 30% of 2700 is 810 calories. Now divide this by four and you’ll be given a target of 202 grams per day.

* Carbohydrates = 55% of your calories for the day. Divide the answer by 4 to get this in grams.

Our highest intake when trying to bulk up is carbohydrates. We need 371 grams per day for the individual in question here. That’s because we need 55% of our calorie target coming from carb sources.

* Total daily fat intake = 15% of overall calories divided by 9.

To establish the fat intake for our 180 lb male, we would take 15% of our calorie target and divide the figure by 9. So, 15% of 2700 calories is 405. This figure divided by 9 is a total of 45 grams per day in healthy fat sources.

Alongside your other two macronutrients and your total calorie target, you now have the foundation of a proven muscle building diet. Alternatively, if your goal is to learn how to lose weight you can enjoy similar success by simply playing around with this proven principle and finding a balance which works for your body.

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How To Make Sure Your Diet Is Optimized To Build Muscle

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Debunking Muscle Building Myths

By Russ Hollywood
While there are many myths surrounding how to build muscle, there are five which stand out more than most. Today we will be looking at each of these popular theories and examining why they are simply not true.

How many workouts should you do per week? Should women lift weights or stick to cardio? These are questions you’ll commonly hear in most gyms but most people never find out the facts on these subjects, such is the level of confusion surrounding fitness in general.

If your goal is to build lean muscle and obtain a toned physique you can begin by getting rid of some of the most popular fitness myths which stand in your way. These myths prevent thousands of potentially great physical specimens from reaching their goals and can be rectified very easily. []

1) Should females do resistance training?

Thanks to stereotypes developed in the mid eighties, lots of women are afraid to venture into the free weights section of their local health club. They need not be afraid. If a lady wanted to bulk up she would need to supplement with testosterone pills and eat an awful lot of calories per day, so you needn’t worry about obtaining a bodybuilding physique unless you actually want to. Free weights are vital for getting leaner and the also improve weight loss results dramatically, too.

2) How important are supplements?

Too many people get caught up in the hype surrounding the latest supplements and they place far too much importance on them. You’ll see them in the gym after a workout, acting as if they can ‘feel it going into their muscles’. They’re looking for a miracle product, which does not exist. Prioritize your diet and workout program, then use supplements as an added benefit to push results further.

3) Which workout frequency is best for results?

Contrary to popular opinion, more does not always mean better. This is particularly true when it comes to exercise. In fact, gym newcomers should not train more than three times per week for maximum results. Those rest periods are as important as the training itself, so be careful not to neglect them. Once you feel ready to step things up try alternating onto a two day split routine, focusing on each muscle a little bit more and hitting different body parts on different days of the week.

4) Is diet crucial to success or not?

Many people have their own opinions on whether diet is more important than exercise or the other way around, but the truth is they are both vital to your success. It’s like trying to figure out whether fuel is more important than your car, it’s a pointless argument because they need each other to get the best from both sides. If you think you can achieve success without watching what you eat, this approach will catch up to you very quickly.

5) What number of calories should you consume to reach your goals?

When it comes to calories there are two common mistakes made. Either you are eating too many or too few. Most people who eat too few are doing so because they want to lose weight, but they don’t realize that they are forcing their body into starvation mode. Basically, it is hanging onto every gram of fat it can in order to feed itself because it’s not getting enough nutrition. A good system for those who want to build muscle is to multiply your goal body weight (in pounds) by 15. Those who want to tone up should multiply by 12 and those looking to drop weight quickly and effectively should multiply by 10. This will give a good ball park figure to aim for each day with regards to each individual goal.

These 5 myths are common in most gyms around the wold and you will continuously see people making the same mistakes over and over again. Most people who want to find out how to build muscle simply don’t know where to turn and are often misled by such myths because, more often than not, the loudest voice in the gym wins. However, when you look at the science on each subject discussed today you will notice that these common myths are very easily debunked.

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Debunking Muscle Building Myths

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Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Review: Losing Weight in a Healthy Way


Obesity is one among the most common health troubles in the US. This has created an influx of health supplements designed in the market, to help people get rid of their excess of weight. But, the trouble was, that a majority of them were either too difficult to follow or were disastrous for the user’s health. Even if you were able to stick to the program, the effect always remained temporary. But, the advent of Tom Venuto’s Burn the fat feed the muscle has brought a sea-change to this situation. You can now acquire the lean body you want and that too without using even a single health supplement.
If you are like me, you are always on a hunt for an effective weight loss program which does not destroy your body’s metabolism. You would also be wondering about the secret programs which help celebrities gain the bodyweight they desire within the shortest possible time. However, all that has come to light with the launch of Tom Venuto’s weight loss program. It helps you to lose even the stubborn fat in your body within the time of forty-nine days and that too for good.
Most of the weight loss programs found in the market fail because they eat up the muscles destroying the natural metabolism of the user’s body. Tom Venuto’s system would not only help you avoid the complete destruction of your metabolism, but also boost it without using even a single drug. Beware; spending for health supplements is a mere waste of your hard-earned money.
A brief analysis
Burn the fat feed the muscle is a 337 pages eBook, easy to understand and packed with information on every single page. The author claims that this eBook contains all the weight loss information which remained hidden from public view all these years.
Following are some of the things included in the book:
1. An explanation of the market which offers contradicting advices to those who are struggling hard to get rid of their excess weight. The book even teaches you how to remain alert to hypes and avoid them.
2. Reasons behind the failure of most of the weight loss programs. The book contains information on how to be one among the successful minority and be there all through your life.
3. A practical explanation on why it becomes impossible for crash dieting or other traditional methods to help you lose weight in a healthy manner. The author even dares to claim that his system is ideal even for chronic dieters.
This is just an outline of the goldmine of information Tom Venuto has stored for those who opt to buy this book. The sixty-days money back guarantee and the abundance of positive reviews would be enough to convince even those who are reluctant to grasp this amazing offer.
If this Burn the fat feed the muscle Review convinces you, you can download the book from its official website. And, it is sure to put an end to your search for a program capable of helping you lose weight without creating any health hazard.
Qi Chen is an expert author who is one of the best health consultants in Asia today. He strongly recommends readers to Burn FatBurn The Fat. According to him, the book is the best book on weight loss, the world has ever got.

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Review: Losing Weight in a Healthy Way

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Bodybuilding and You


I usually write informational articles, but today I am feeling a little different. I want to write about motivation or drive what ever you want to call it. I have said it before and I am sure I will say it again. Bodybuilding to me is not all about being the biggest most muscular person in the world. Bodybuilding is about building the body that you desire. Bodybuilding is about pushing ourselves past what is easy.
One of the biggest things that you will notice in anyone that lives this life style is drive, motivation, and determination. The drive is what keeps us going back for more no matter how sore we are, no matter how long it takes. Motivation is the time we make each day to accomplish our goals, we take time away from our families because we know in the long run it is better for us and them. Motivation is also not going to have the drinks with friends, eating the junk that everyone else is eating, because we have goals. Determination is that thing that makes us push harder when everyone tells us that it is not worth it. Determination is also that thing that burns deep inside us, that says nothing can stop me from my goals.
Bodybuilding is an amazing sport. Yes I said sport; many would argue that it is not a sport. It may not be the conventional sport that we all know where 2 teams go against one another. To be honest in my opinion it is tougher than that. I say this because most of us are competing against ourselves. Unless you compete there is no finish line, and even then we want to be even better next time. We do not practice a couple of hours a day and then stop. We have to constantly monitor what we eat and plan our meals. Our training has to be monitored almost on a daily basis, seeing what we need to improve on. At the end of the day you can not look at a score board and say I won, you have to look back at the day and say I did everything that I possibly could do today and tomorrow will be better,
I have found that with this journey that I feel better about me. I am not just talking about the way I look, but the way I feel. We eat like our bodies where designed to; which in return makes us more productive, because we are not sick and sluggish. We lift weights and do cardio, and again this makes us more productive because we do not burn out as fast. Along with this lifestyle my stress has been reduced and my mind is much clearer. I can not speak for everyone, but for me I love the feeling that I can give more to my family, friends and work just because I choose a lifestyle. A lifestyle that at times can be the most frustrating thing in the world, but in the end it is all worth it.
Some call this our addiction and they may be right, but I am good with that. Many also say that this is our obsession and again I am okay with that. Yes I do live, breath and drink this lifestyle. The way I see it my addiction does not cost me my family it gives me better life with them. My addiction has not cost me my job it makes me better at it. So if you want to say that I have an addiction than yes I do and I am proud of it. If doing what I love makes me a better person in the long run is a bad thing than I guess I will be bad. I will just keep doing what I am doing and let the rest of the world envy my motivation, drive, and determination. So everyone that feels the same way I do stand tall and be proud. It is not easy dedicating your life to something that you feel so passionate about, so take a second as commend yourself on a great job!
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Bodybuilding and You

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