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Methods Of Varicose Vein Removal Nyc

By Gloria Mason
A varicose vein is that which lies close to the skin surface. Normally, it is swollen as a result of blood overspill from veins that run deep in the leg muscles. This comes about because some valves that are meant to allow blood flow to the deep veins of the leg from superficial veins fail to work. For varicose vein removal nyc has many options and specialists.

There are a number of surgical procedures that can be made use of to contain this condition. The method chosen depends on the recommendations of the surgeon. One of the procedures is known as ligation and stripping in which long or short saphenous veins are removed from the legs. Two cuts are then made, one at the groin and the other in the lower legs. Each cut is 4cm.

The faulty veins are then tied-this is what is referred to as ligation. This serves to prevent blood flowing through them. The surgeon then uses a thin flexible wire to pull out the varicose vein. This is done through a cut at the knee or ankle. The whole procedure is done after administration of general anesthesia; hence the patient will be asleep the entire time.

In endovenous laser and radiofrequency ablation, the surgeon makes a small cut adjacent to the varicose vein. After that, a plastic tube called a catheter is inserted into the cut. There is the use of an ultrasound to guide the catheter into the correct position. There is then passing of fine lasers through the catheter and into the veins. The wall of the vein is destroyed by the heat produced. The entire procedure is done after administration of local anesthesia.

Sclerotherapy involves injection of chemicals into the veins, damaging and closing them in the process. For smaller veins located below the knees, liquid sclerotherapy is the best option. Foam sclerotherapy is used in the case of larger ones. One may be required to wear compression stockings after the procedure.

One shortcoming of sclerotherapy is the fact that it offers reprieve only on the short term. Furthermore, it is accompanied by some very serious side effects and complications. These include but are not limited to strokes and damage to nerves. The safety level of ultrasound during this procedure depends on whether or not one suffered from deep vein thrombosis previously.

There are two other procedures; phlebectomy and transilluminated powered phlebectomy. For the removal of smaller surface veins, the former is more effective. Though not very commonly used, the latter is used for the same purpose.

Preparation for the surgery is very important. To begin with, anybody that smokes should cease before the procedure. Smoking increases risk of contracting chest infections and wounds. This is bound to considerably slow down the recovery process. The preparation also involves asking the doctor any questions involving the procedure.

In considering the recovery period after varicose vein removal nyc residents should expect that to be around two weeks. The period is also dependent on the type of surgery one undergoes. It also varies between individuals. Painkillers are likely to be used during this time.

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Methods Of Varicose Vein Removal Nyc

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