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Ensure A Balanced Lifestyle With These Fitness-Related Tips

Fitness-Related Tips
Fitness-Related Tips

By Paul Carpenter

Many people want to get a great-looking, healthy body by working out and becoming involved in fitness training. Fitness reduces your risks of developing a large number of health issues. Being in great shape allows you to lead an active, fun-filled life and greatly increases your life span. To make the most out of your health, continue reading to learn how to make that a reality.

Begin a garden. Many don’t expect gardening to be as difficult as it is. You will have to squat a lot, dig, pull weeds and carry heavy things. Gardening is one of a lot of things people can do from home to stay physically fit.

If you want to increase your commitment to fitness, pay for a multi-month gym contract. This way, you’ll be more likely to use the gym because of how you’d feel if you don’t use something you have already paid for. This is a good way make yourself exercise more often.

Investing in a personal trainer is a wise investment if you can afford it. Not only can a trainer have expert information, but trainers are notorious for keeping clients stay motivated. While they’re not for everybody, personal trainers can help a great deal.

Sit ups and crunches are not the full answer when it comes to getting ripped stomach muscles. While abdominal exercises do strengthen muscles, they do not actually burn belly fat. If your goal is washboard abs, try altering your diet and focusing on cardiovascular exercises.

As previously stated, eating a well-balanced diet and exercising can boost your fitness and help you live a healthier life for a long time. Remember that your health is important, so don’t take it for granted. Your fitness and overall health will benefit from the powerful advice in the article above.

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Ensure A Balanced Lifestyle With These Fitness-Related Tips

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Super Strength Workout In 30 Minutes!


Super Strength Workout
This brutally simple yet effective workout has 2 parts.
The first part of the workout focuses on maximal strength (intensity) on one core/main lift.
The second part of the workout focuses on density and volume and getting the most ‘bang for your buck’.
It’s nothing new or revolutionary, but it works if your stumped for time and want to hit all bases.
This is best if your NOT already on a structured program that your following consistently, such as if your on holiday and have access to a gym, or need something easy to follow.
This is not recommended for beginners.
The Plan
Part 1: First 15 Minutes
Pick a main exercise. This should be a compound lift, preferably barbell, such as a barbell squat, deadlift or bench press, as they allow for the most weight to be loaded.
The focus should be on maximal strength here. A few templates you can follow:
3×5@ 80%1RM
5×5@ 75% 1RM
3-3-3 @ 85% 1RM
This should take under 15 minutes to complete.
Alternatively, you can establish a 3-5RM on the desired lift within 15 minutes.
You can be flexible with this, as long as your resting under 3 minutes a set and keep it low volume. Intensity is key* You get plenty of high rep action in part 2…
*Intensity referring to the % of your 1RM, not your rate of perceived exertion (RPE).
Part 2: Last 15 Minutes
Part 2 we flip things around.
Select 3 accessory exercises. For example, on squat/leg day you could choose leg press, walking lunges and good mornings.
Optimally, compound movements are better, as you get a better hormonal response which works twofold for muscle gain and fat loss, but you can add an isolation exercise if you wish.
You will complete the exercises as a tri-set/complex, one after another with no rest between.
If you where to do 10 reps per exercise, at a tempo of 3-1-1 (3 seconds to lower, 1 second pause, 1 second to lift) equates to just under 3 minutes to complete all 3 exercises in a row.
For the above example, I’d go with a weight that I could do 15 solid reps with (around 50% 1RM). The focus is not on maximal load here, but total volume within the timeframe.
Now given the first part took 15 minutes, we only have 15 minutes left, so arguably if you were to go with the scheme I provided above, you would be able to complete around 5 total rounds.
1 Round = The three exercises completed one after another (tri set).
You can experiment with the tempo and reps per exercise, but you want to limit it to a total of 3-4 exercises instead of turning it into a circuit.
This method is what crossfit peeps call ‘AMRAP’ which stands for as many rounds as possible. In this case however, our aim isn’t to achieve as many rounds as we can by focusing on speed of movement, but rather limiting the rest between exercises. Quality of movement, time under tension and limited rest are the goals here.
This will create a massive lactate buildup and taps into the muscle glycogen stores considerably by moving beyond the anaerobic work zone.
You can use more ballistic movements (kettlebell swings, kettlebell snatches, medicine balls) however the total time under tension is a lot less, and you’d have to increase the reps substantially, making the workout more aerobic in nature.
The beauty of it is you won’t be inclined to waste as much time as you normally do between sets, mindlessly looking around the gym, texting or daydreaming… it makes you work, your RPE (rate of perceived exertion) will be high.
You shouldn’t be gassed after this, it isn’t cardio, but you will be breathing hard… treat it more like a hybrid bodybuilding workout, go for the pump and feel the burn, and just keep moving… embrace the pain.
Ryan Fernando is an accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach and holds a degree in exercise & sport science with extensive understanding of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, muscle imblances, mobility, injury prevention, program design, nutrition and management.
In addition, he has gone through the same trials and tribulations as most people are in pursuit of their health and fitness goals, and knows what works and what doesn’t.
He has experience working with people from all walks of life, having consulted/trained/dealt with developmentally delayed clients, the elderly, state and national level athletes and everyday people simply looking to get fitter and lose weight.
Ryan’s Approach is about much more than just exercising… Physical activity is just one part of the picture and recognize the importance of total mind and body health.
Ryan operates a blog at

Super Strength Workout In 30 Minutes!

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