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CT Fletcher And His Motivation

By Benjamin Burgess
There are a number of reasons anyone takes up weight training, such feeling better or obtaining a better level of health. Some even take up weight training in order to buff up a little just to make themselves look better, reasoning that women love the muscles.

As has been said on the CT Fletcher Wiki he suffered through an open heart surgery in 2005 and the resulting two-year recovery. He placed the blame squarely on the eight or nine meals he ate regularly at McDonald’s , something symbolic of a lifestyle in need of some serious fixing.

Although he was already an accomplished power lifter from the 1980s who had won against some impressive competition, he had fallen out of training. The operation had given him the motivation to get back into training.

Although he is now 54, that fact has actually served to motivate him rather than force him to sit back. He wants to see if he can match now what he used to be able to do, possibly break a few of his old records. Combined with his view of not holding back and his willingness to back what he says have made him popular on Youtube.

His popularity on Youtube, based on his reputation as the “Strongest Man You Have Never Heard of”, has made him extremely popular as an interesting trainer to watch. His necessity to prove himself to himself and to get others to a healthier place makes for some compelling viewing.

CT Fletcher has received a lot of flask for his belief that no one can over-train. Others in the Youtube community have attacked him for that belief. He believes that most people do not even begin to touch the beginning of their potential and that they need to be far more serious in order to reach that potential.

If someone is serious they should be willing to put in the maximum effort for whatever they are serious about; there is no such thing as “minimum effort”. If you are actually serious about something you should be all in with no reservation.

Each muscle group has its own exercises attached to it, allowing for some variety in the regimen as well as a fair workout for that group. He points out that a weight trainer should be more worried about quality and not quantity, and that the number of reps of any exercise is less important than the energy the person puts into it.

He believes that drill instructors have the right idea; it is not the number of push-ups that a basic trainee does but that they are motivated to do so. The drill instructors do not worry about how many push-ups a trainee does as long as they are motivated to do their best. CT Fletcher does his level best to demonstrate that motivation is important, and that with motivation a person can accomplish anything.

His Youtube channed is devoted to helping others become everything that they can be. His Fitness Project channel has made waves among those following fitness trends. As he does not focus on the acrobatics and calisthenics in most popular classes, but rather an all-around fitness that helps someone reach their fitness goals. By stating goals and then focusing on those goals, a person can accomplish those goals if they are serious enough about it.

CT Fletcher has the experience and physique to back what he says. In his videos he is uncompromising about his goals and is willing to do almost anything in order to make sure that his personal goals happen. As a coach helping others to get to where he is, he is one of the most motivating coaches out there.

He believes that with enough focus anyone can accomplish anything. If weight training happens to be the road that the person has chosen, CT Fletcher will make sure that the person is motivated and that the person will keep motivated.

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CT Fletcher And His Motivation

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