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Top Secret for Sustaining a Fitness Habit


Working out at the gym is fabulous. However, if you rely on getting to a gym in order to work out it’s unlikely you will sustain a lifelong fitness habit.
The #1 secret for sustaining a lifelong fitness habit is to have a plan for working out at home.
As life unfolds there will be times when you have no car, no babysitter, no money, no time, etc. These times could last for weeks or months. The interruption in your workouts could cause you to quit forever.
If you learn how to get a great workout at home you’ll have no obstacles and no excuses.
You can easily set yourself up for fitness success in your home. All you need is determination, a flexible approach to working out and a little planning.
Try these tips:
• Place your fitness equipment in plain sight. If it’s out of sight it will be out of mind. So what if your dumbbells don’t match your draperies. Proudly place your fitness equipment someplace in your home so that you pass it often and it’s convenient to use. Don’t choose between a healthy, attractive body and a lovely living room. You can have both. The kitchen and the laundry area are particularly great spots because there is always some waiting going on in those rooms.
• Dress for success. If you’re dressed and ready to work out all the time you can impulsively capture a moment here and there to do a little something. To the greatest possible extent plan outfits you can move freely in without taking additional time to dress for a workout. Many movements for arms can be done in almost any outfit. Legs and stretching movements are a different story. Stretchy fabrics and slip-on shoes work great.
• Make a new rule for yourself. Call it the ‘pass and pick up’ rule. Whenever you pass by your dumbbells pick them up and do a set. This choice takes 30 seconds. “No time” is no excuse.
• Use your bed to exercise. A hard floor is unforgiving but a soft bed feels good to your bones. Try rolling around and stretching on your bed. Leg lifts (with slightly bended knees) are a good abdominal exercise and can be done more easily on a bed than on the floor. After you gain strength you can give the floor a try. Initially the bed is a good choice if you are totally new to abdominal exercise.
• Try a “bits and pieces” approach to working out if it’s difficult for you to find a block of time to work out or if thinking about working out for 20-30 minutes turns you off. Thirty seconds is enough time for 1 set of most weight training movements. Capturing 30 seconds here and there throughout the day will add up to a significant total and will energize you as the hours fly by.
• Don’t “kill yourself” when you work out. Go easy and use a “touch of Zen” approach. Your weight lifting movements will be “more inner than outer” as you keep your focus on the muscle you’re working. Your workout experience doesn’t have to include huffing and puffing.
• Warm up to your weight workout with some cardio. A brisk walk works well. A bit of a jog is good if you need more intensity.
With longevity in mind, a guiding principle for your workouts should be ‘make it an effort but never a strain.’ Remember that a lifelong fitness habit is a truly priceless gift you give yourself.
Nina Lomax and Frankie O’Brien teach and share what they’ve learned from 80+ years of fitness experience and expertise. Visit for weight training videos and fitness encouragement.

Top Secret for Sustaining a Fitness Habit

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