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Workout Sheets

Workout Sheets
Workout Sheets

By Emmanuel Palmer

Every person has the right to a full and dynamic life. One way to do this is by working out and making sure you have a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, not all people have the means and the resources to be a member in a fully equipped fitness center. It doesn’t really matter,
all we need is a little creativity and perhaps an article that gives you excellent ideas on ways to workout at home.

Because you will be working out at home, there will be a tendency to grow slack at some point in your training. What will motivate you to keep on keeping on? Is it getting that great body? Is it to increase your strength and stamina? Or maybe you simply want to have a healthy body? Whatever the reason is look back to it whenever you feel sluggish and lazy to revitalize yourself. It would be good to have a photograph, a picture or a motivational phrase mounted up somewhere to remind you of your goals.

To make your home training sessions more effective, you need to monitor your progress regularly with detailed workout sheets. You can download these on the Internet or create and print your own log yourself. Before anything, list down important information about yourself like your age, what weight you started with, your present measurements, etc. Make it as specific as possible and check up on it weekly or monthly.

Divide the sheet into titled columns. On the first line, list down the exercise/drills accomplished. On the following lines put in the minutes it took to complete the set, the reps, the sets and the weight load you carried at that particular set. Finally put in the comment column. Write down important events that happened during the day like your mood, the food you consumed, the supplements you took, etc. You will find this very helpful because these workout sheets tend to isolate specific problem areas in your lifestyle you have to work on. You can easily identify the glitches because of the pattern as charted in your sheets; then make the necessary adjustments you need.

Aerobic exercises are the easiest and cheapest way to keep fit. Most cardiovascular activities are free and can be done almost anywhere, anytime. How about taking a 30 minute jog around the park 3x a week? Take the stairs instead of the elevator; perform several minutes of jumping jacks or jump rope; or just crank up the MTV and start dancing up a storm!

Crunches and squats are probably two exercises that never go out of style. Fortunately for us, this can be done for free and in the convenience of our homes. Put your hands on your waist and begin executing lunges and squats in your living room. You can lie on the floor and do some crunches or sit by the edge of a piano bench and do 20 leg raises in sets of 3 to develop your abdominal muscles.

If you are able to, invest in a few dumbbells of different weight loads. If you have none available, make use of water bottles, detergent containers or whatever you can think of that will offer you some resistance when carried. Push-ups and knee-ups will help tone up your arms anywhere. Make sure you always have time to stretch well before, during and after training to release blood flow and increase your body temperature prior to working out.

Now you are well equipped and armed with effective ways to workout at home; use them well. Smile – you have every reason to because you look good without spending much. Enjoy!

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Workout Sheets

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Best Muscle Building Routines You Can Try Today

Best Muscle Building Routines
Best Muscle Building Routines

By Emmanuel Palmer

Let me ask you a question?do you want to get high? No, I don?t mean the illegal form of high. I mean the natural, adrenalin pumping and problem freeing high? Physical regimens can do that for you. How can workouts help with your problems? Well, in exercise, especially intensive weight training programs,
you need to push your body to the limit and it takes supreme mental discipline to execute this properly?leaving you not much brain space to worry for the time being. But more than that, seeing the fruits of your literal labors is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.

Now we know what we?re gunning for (a body worth working hard for), let us proceed to survey the best muscle building workouts that will get you to your goal as quickly possible. There are two weight training philosophies being practiced today: high intensity and periodization training.

High intensity training uses up much of your body?s energy. These are workouts that are short and very physically grueling. A session lasts only 60 to 90 minutes and is done around two to three times a week. As you develop your strength, you will have to increase the number of reps, or preferably the weight loads you are taking on in every set. In this training, you are driving your body beyond its perceived natural endurance; hence it has no choice but to step up and perform according to the standards you set on it. Consequently, you get faster results.

In periodization, you are giving your body more time to familiarize itself with the physical strains of exercise. There is a three week light training period of ?getting to know each other?, followed by another two to three weeks of courtship and finishing strong with heavy training– matrimony if we pursue the allegorical significance. The focus of periodization is not to over train your body but to gradually increase your muscle mass in phases. The phases ensure that your body is pushed to higher levels, albeit more leisurely, as effectively as high intensity training.

While both high intensity and periodization training have its own advantages; the best muscle building strategy is to get what is most effective for you personally and use it in your workout. Experienced trainers can all attest to a three or four day split workout, this infuses each session with high energy and challenge without too much volume that makes for over training. Vary the weights and drills every so often for maximum productivity.

Here are some exercises specific to each muscle group you can use: Legs: squats (different variations), leg curls, leg presses Back: deadlifts, rope pull downs, seated rows, barbell shrugs Chest: bench press, dumbbell flyes Shoulders: military press, dumbbell shoulder press, seated shoulder press Arms: dumbbell curls, barbell wrist curls, triceps extensions Stomach: crunches, reverse crunches, leg raises.

The best weight training programs to have are those that are difficult because you are pushed to push the envelope of your own physical capabilities. Your health, appearance and strength will benefit from a great workout session. Continue to strive for the next level and you won?t be disappointed.

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Best Muscle Building Routines You Can Try Today

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Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Weight Training Routines

By Emmanuel Palmer

‘No Pain, No Gain!’-Have it been screamed in your ear by a sweats clad but military reared trainer one too many times? Well, it’s partly true. You will experience a certain amount of pain when you decide to undergo intense bodybuilding regimens.
However, apart from muscle soreness of varying degrees, you might want to be extra alert on particular aches your body is experiencing. It may be its way of telling you that something is definitely wrong and needs some fixing. In your pursuit on the best ways on how to build muscles, keep these factors in mind to make sure you avoid causing needless injury to your body.

It is understandable that beginners especially would like nothing more than to spend many hours in the gym working up a good sweat expecting to see faster results. The fact is, over training is probably one of the first things you need to take care to avoid. Your immune system suffers and the tendency to injure oneself is greater in over training. Moreover, you will get burnt out quicker. Take a few days or even a week off periodically to give your body the rest it needs.

If your plan is to gain a lot of weight to help you realize a massive and muscular frame, many forums will tell you to keep away from regular aerobic training because this burns the much needed calories. You need to put on a considerable amount of body mass but not at the expense of your heart’s health. Cardiovascular training improves the elasticity of your arteries and lowers the cholesterol levels. Make sure you always include light aerobic training into your regimen for health purposes.

Practice gym safety. You will be using their equipment often, make sure the weight plates are properly locked and stacked away from the general floor area of the space for the safety of other trainers as well. You yourself should watch your step and be careful around machines with cables and bars attached to it. Don’t leave barbells and dumbbells just lying around where anyone can trip on them and wear the correct footwear. Give other people plenty of space when they work out.

When you are training, always maintain the correct form and position in which your drills should be executed in. Do not hurry through the reps just so you can finish the set. Compromising may mean serious injury with far reaching consequences in certain body parts. Know the correct way of doing the exercises and perform it, first with lower weights working your way up. If you think that you are over extending a certain joint or tendon, stop and call the gym instructor for help.

Finally, eat right. If you have the right diet not only will your energy up to par for your workouts, your muscle development will benefit from it as well. Whether you are planning to trim down or bulk up, get your calories from protein and carbohydrate rich food. Meals should ideally have fish, chicken, whole wheat grains, etc. Drink plenty of fluids particularly in days that you workout.

Make the extra effort to attend to these little details; it will do so much for the efficacy of your weight training routines. Have quality rest, eat sensible and exercise smart-looking good has never been this easy.

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Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Weight Training Routines

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Uncover The Secrets On How To Build Muscle Right

How To Build Muscle Right
How To Build Muscle Right

By Emmanuel Palmer

Have you ever cut out a picture of a big, muscular body and paste a picture of your head on top of it? Sounds silly but I’m sure if you haven’t done it literally, you’ve had visions of it in your head. There’s nothing wrong with aspiring to be better – but don’t let it remain a dream. Take the steps to realize it.

If you want to know how to build muscle fast, this article will help you get answers. Before anything though you need to do one thing, enroll yourself in a local gym and start as soon as possible. You are investing in your body and the returns will be well worth your money.

You’re now a bona fide member of a fitness center – now what? You need to get yourself a training program customized to your body’s type and specificity. If you are not able to obtain the services of a professional trainer, don’t worry; a friend knowledgeable in physical fitness or the internet can help you in the meantime.

This exercise program will now serve as your road map in the unfamiliar terrain that is the gym for the next several weeks. Guard yourself towards impatience. As you start, you will feel pain and yes, that means muscles are being developed; but it don’t expect to look like a professional wrestler just yet. It will come – until then keep on with consistent and studied exercise drills.

When you go through the exercises, make an effort to keep the correct form all throughout the set. Sometimes people have a tendency to rush through the remaining counts just to complete the set already. You can’t do this because this can be dangerous for some of your body parts. Moreover, the particular area being trained won’t benefit from the workout as it could have if proper position was followed.

Do not underestimate the importance of stretching well before starting training and in between sets. You will be subjecting your body to some physically taxing drills and stretching will ease the soreness you will feel the next day. Moreover, you will perform the given exercises better. Change the program every 4 to 6 weeks to continuously create new demands on your body?s ability to handle strain and stress caused by training.

One of the best ways to build muscle fast is a healthy, balanced diet. Watch that you don’t binge on processed food and meals high in saturated fat. Eat food high in protein and complex carbohydrates like chicken, fish, whole wheat grains, etc. You can also take protein shakes and muscle building supplements to help accelerate muscle development. When you do, exercise caution in the dosage you take.

Many people ask how to build muscle fast but few really commit to find out the answers if it means passing through tiring exercise routines, pain inducing workouts and sometimes strict diet programs. Make a choice to realize your goals no matter what and you will. Find out for yourself how wonderful a healthy and active lifestyle truly is.

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Uncover The Secrets On How To Build Muscle Right

Build Muscle Right, How To Build Muscle, Build Muscle, How To Build Muscle Right, Body Building

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The Facts You Need To Know In Bodybuilding Routines

Bodybuilding Routines
Bodybuilding Routines

By Emmanuel Palmer

Women have always said their ideal men are tall, dark and handsome. Whether or not they missed it on purpose they definitely forgot to throw in strong and muscular. And why shouldn’t they? Let’s face it, we all have a picture of what makes a hero and that includes a big and muscular body. If you want to learn how to help build muscle fast, this article will show you how.

Bodybuilding routines are only as effective as the adherence of the practitioner to three important characteristics: a solid weight training program, a balanced diet and quality rest. There are many who are overzealous in working out but without the proper rest and diet, your training won’t be as successful as it can be.

Let’s begin with the workout regimen. All workout sessions must always start with proper warm-up and stretching. This will prepare your body for the upcoming physical stress it is about to experience for the next hour. Initially, you will use lower weights but as you gain momentum in the next few sessions, aim to raise the weight load you are using. Change up the exercises every few weeks so your progress will keep pushing itself to grow in strength and size.

All you need is a 60 to 90 minute workout done two to four times a week. You can achieve great results through split training – targeting specific muscle groups on certain days. This ensures maximum efficacy for each session. You can do something like this: Monday- chest and abdominal muscles; Wednesday- back and arm muscles; Saturday- upper and lower leg muscles. If you are trying to put on a bulkier frame, keeping cardiovascular training once a week is good enough for now.

Because you are only training around three times a week, use the other days to focus on getting quality rest. Extreme physical activities put little tears on your muscle tissues. Rest, particularly deep sleep serves to repair these tissues, hence the stronger and bigger muscles. Look at the bulky trainers who take a sabbatical from training, they come back bigger than ever. Sure they aren’t as rock-hard as they were but at the start of your training, what you need is weight gain so you have something to work with when you work out. Rest well – it is the most stress free way to build muscle fast.

Eat a balanced diet. Because you need to gain as much weight as possible, get your calories from food rich in protein and carbohydrates. Lean meat, chicken and fish are good sources of healthy food. There are also muscle building supplements in the market that can help add to your required amount of calories and nutrients. Protein shakes also give an added boost in your workout by fueling your body to perform better.

Find a program that is best suited for your body type and level of tolerance. Study the drills and exercises you will be doing. Eat the right food and get plenty of good sleep – these are the things that make for effective bodybuilding routines. Follow these and you might need an agent to keep Hollywood action movie casters at bay.

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The Facts You Need To Know In Bodybuilding Routines

Routines, Bodybuilding, Bodybuilding Routines

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Good Dieting, Cardio Activities, Enough Sleep, Etc Are Necessary Things A Muscle Builder Should Do To Ensure Muscle Growth And Flexibility.

Ensure Muscle Growth And Flexibility
Ensure Muscle Growth
 And Flexibility

By Mercy Tolve

But choosing the right one for you can be quite confusing. That’s because, these days, there are simply lots and lots of them being sold!

Don’t be confused about what muscle supplements to take; they are a whole lot of that which we’ll discuss that will give you just what you want.

One of the muscle builder supplements which is about the most important is protein. Protein fuels the muscle and helps it to repair.
The protein supplement is known as WHEY protein. It acts as an anti- hypertensive, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-oxidant. WHEY protein allows high insulin response and a low glucose level which is recommended for a meal after exercise.

Protein-based products supply the body with amino acids, the muscle’s building blocks. Of course gaining muscle mass is rather impossible with little protein. Such products can take many forms: bars, soy, whey, casein, blends, etc. Basically, they differ in terms of forms, where they come from, and their rate of absorption by the body. Creatine can be produced naturally in the body. However, taking it in supplementary form can help you attain explosive power. This way, you can perform more reps and sets while at the gym. Just like creatine, glutamine is also found naturally in the body. The substance helps in muscle recovery, so you can get back to working out as soon as possible.

Often times you wonder how these body builders are able to lift large masses. Nitric oxide is the muscle builder supplement that aids in achieving that purpose. It helps in their lifting ability and makes the aforementioned supplements to flow faster to the skeletal muscles. Nitric oxide enhances stamina, muscle contractions and muscle mass gain.

It will be important that you set achievable goals so that you can evaluate your success as you progress through the program. In this way, you will be able to stay more motivated and make adjustments as needed to your program.

As with buying any product, it’s important to carefully read the label of the muscle builder supplement you’re eying. There are some which find such products beneficial, although there are others who claim they’re not necessary to be taken at all.

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Good Dieting, Cardio Activities, Enough Sleep, Etc Are Necessary Things A Muscle Builder Should Do To Ensure Muscle Growth And Flexibility.

Bodybuilding Foods, Bodybuilding Diet, Bodybuilding, Ensure Muscle Growth And Flexibility, Muscle Building

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Great Bodybuilding Basic Principles For Muscle Enlargement

Bodybuilding Basic Principles
Bodybuilding Basic Principles

By Richard Daniels

To acquire maximum muscle improvement you have to have a holistic technique and take into account food intake, sleep and supplements in addition to the training. It is quite simply not correct that the hardest workers are those who attain the most effective results, in actual fact over-training can stunt muscle progress.
When it comes to bodybuilding method, it is subsequently really important to be well informed.

The first thing to recognize is that the actual “building up” of the muscles does not happen through training however during the time when you are resting. For this reason it is most effective to permit twenty-four hours rest in between training sessions. You can visit the health club 3 times a week and train for one hour. If you still feel you have strength to use after an hour you will have to increase weights at the following session.

If you are pretty much starting off do not push to failure for the first 6 to 8 weeks and afford your muscles the chance to become accustomed to the brand-new type of pressure. Muscles are pretty responsive in the initial months and actually expand much faster than pro-bodybuilder’s muscles. If you push too hard throughout the first weeks, you can damage your muscles and will be forced to stop training throughout the recovery time.

Eating is as crucial for muscle development as training. After each exercise routine take a protein shake, a glass of milk, a tub of cottage cheese or a hard-boiled egg. Likewise do not reduce your fats and carbohydrates too significantly. About 45 to 50 percent of your caloric consumption should be of carbs and 20 to 25percent fat. The remaining 25 to 35% can be protein. If you do not eat carbohydrates your body will begin using the protein for calories and not increase the muscle. If you do not consume adequate fat you will retard some specific very important hormonal processes.

Individuals who must lose fat whilst they build up muscle might look at periodic fasting. Simply put by not eating from 18H00 of day one till 18H00 of day 2, once or twice a week, they can lower their overall calorie intake without impacting their training. In fact training in a fasted state is not only safe, but it gives you really good end results on muscle development as the amount of growth hormone increases greatly.

Individuals generally need to know how to build muscle faster and are quite focused on supplements. Sure, supplements can be useful but they will not substitute appropriate workouts, rest and nutrition. The most basic supplements are Creatine, which boosts the uptake of amino acids and Glutamine which help in protein synthesis. Essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 and 6 are taken for their anti-catabolic effect and Caffeine and also Carnitine are taken for weight management. Apart from these there are several mineral or plant based testosterone boosters which can be useful.

It will come in useful to determine exactly what somatotype you are; if you are an Endomorph you will typically store body fat. Muscle development will not be challenging but you will need to keep an eye on that you control your fat consumption and will potentially need to do regular fasting sessions. If you are a Mesomorph you have an average body type and would be able to improve muscle and keep fat down rather without difficulty. The Ectomorphs instead are lean and typically have trouble putting on muscle. The trick to muscle development in Ectomorphs is to get them to eat 25 % of high quality fat a day such as olive oil and nuts. This will enhance their testosterone levels and get their muscle to develop nice and lean.

As far as actual training goes, just make sure you are keeping appropriate form throughout your workouts. If you can not pay for an individual trainer Google search the keywords “form” plus the name of the specific workout.

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Great Bodybuilding Basic Principles For Muscle Enlargement

Bodybuilding Basic Principles, Bodybuilding Supplements, Bodybuilding, BodyBuilding Program

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Lose Weight Without Pills

Lose Weight Without Pills
Lose Weight Without Pills

By Samuel Gilbert

There are so many natural ways of losing weight which give you both perfect body and healthy life. Drugs and supplements for reducing weight are good options; however, they are not the best ones. Further, usage of different synthetic drugs and supplements might create side effects on your body. This article will tell you how you can reduce your weight without any side effect and synthetic means,
that is, the general ways of losing weight, which assures both reduced fats and healthy body full with essential nutrients.

You might have never considered losing weight in a natural way. Weight loss by means of natural techniques is the easiest and highly successful means to eliminate excess fat from your body. This is because it is not confined to workouts or dieting, rather it enables your body to pass through gradual continuous change by making changes in your eating and sleeping patterns and lifestyle. You can lose weight along with keeping your body fit, both internally and externally. Here are some of the highly recommended and tested natural means to help you to lose weight in the best possible way.

1. Set targets and goals

Just like any other task, losing weight also requires planning and determination. No matter whether you are going for work out training or diet plans, planning and setting targets is must. Make some sensible and achievable goals that you can go after. Goal setting will facilitate you to take necessary actions, and by taking those actions, you will start to observe some weight loss results.

2. Improve eating habits

Don’t believe that eating just two or three times a day will help your reduce your weight. Unless you stop taking heavy meals, you can’t reduce your weight. Therefore, experts suggest that it is best to split your meals into 5 or 6 portions and then taken them at various points in a day. Further, going to bed early at night and waking up early in the morning also act like a catalyst in maintaining the optimal weight. These natural techniques don’t let your body deprived of necessary nourishment. Take a frank look at your eating patterns; you might not know just how much you eat during a day. Making simple variations and taking control of whatever you consume is critical if you wish to lose weight without any dieting.

3. More meals but “lesser” meals

Meal frequency is important. You can divide your meals into smaller portions and enjoy each portion one by one throughout the day. Trainers suggest that rather than eating 3 heavy meals a day, you should eat frequently throughout the day. Having 4 or 5 smaller meals can really help you lose weight by increasing your metabolism naturally.

4. Stop taking fats

Fats, especially the saturated ones, which are the “solid” fats in your diet, will make your efforts to lose weight, of no use. Decrease your fat intake by including the food that is low in fat. Cut out unhealthful snacks like sweets and crisps; instead switch to fruits instead. Fried and processed food should be limited to as low quantity as possible.

5. Say yes to fruits

Fruits should be a permanent part of your diet. Fruit is outstanding natural weight loss stuff and contains antioxidants and vitamins that supply nutrients to keep your bodies healthy. Fruits contain low calories and are a huge source of energy. Keep your menu updated with fresh seasonal fruits. Trust me, fruits have the tendency to act like a natural catalyst in reducing your weight.

6. Drink water

We all consider water a something too ordinary to help our weight loss. This is entirely incorrect as hydrated body loses weight rapidly. Increase your metabolism speed by drinking 8 glasses of water per day, minimum, as suggested by experts. In addition, toxins are also eliminated from the body by water.

7. Green tea is effective

A lot of trainers have endorsed the usage of green tea for boosting weight loss. You can include drink green tea in your diet as it can facilitate your losing weight by boosting the metabolism rate. It is also an exceptional supplier of antioxidants.

8. Physical activeness

Just like diet, physical activity also plays a major role in losing weight. A natural technique to lose weight is to keep active. Physical activities create a huge difference to how effective your long-term weight loss is. Even minor and simple everyday activities like walking can greatly can help you lose weight by escalating your muscle use, which increases the metabolism. Do regular exercise of at least 30 minutes a day, as it will help you burning fat, enhancing blood circulation, and your overall fitness. It is an ideal way to boost your fitness levels and decrease your weight naturally. Yoga should also be included in your workout plan as it relaxes both your body and mind.

To accomplish successful natural weight loss you need to stay committed and positive, you are making changes in your lifestyle that will facilitate

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Lose Weight Without Pills

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