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Why Healthy Spices Are Important

Healthy Spices
Healthy Spices

By Kate McMahon

Food must be enjoyed for its true essence to be brought out. Many cultures and countries thrive on the culinary fare they represent. Each ingredient is integral to the overall presentation and taste of any particular dish of any such culture or country. With the growing awareness of nutrition and healthy eating presiding over the culinary world, healthy spices have also become an essential component of any kitchen. Not only do they lend rich flavor and aromatic pleasures, they also help prevent diseases and increase fitness levels.

To begin with, there is the highly aromatic cinnamon. It is sued in the beverages that we drink as well as the foods we eat. In coffee, it lends a rich flavor and a superb aroma. Sprinkled in cake batter, it makes for delightful baking accoutrement. Also used in cooking several vegetables and meats, cinnamon is resplendent in health benefits. It contains iron, manganese and calcium. It is also known to be excellent for lowering the levels of blood sugar in the body.

Another spice rich in iron is cumin. It also reduces blood sugar levels, like cinnamon does. Furthermore, it is a known remedy against bacteria such as the ones that cause stomach ulcers. Another area where it shows effectiveness is the reduction of inflammation caused by arthritis. It can be added to vegetables as an essential ingredient while cooking or as seasoning.

Often used extensively in a lot of Indian cooking, turmeric contains certain laudable characteristics too. It is a spice rich in antioxidants and is also known to have qualities that help fight cancer. Consumed with plain milk, it is also widely known to rid the body of bacteria causing cold and cough.

The world over, ginger is a popular household culinary item. It is replete in health benefits. Ginger is used while preparing tea and the mix is both healthy and tasty. Its anti-inflammatory qualities make it a wonderful remedy for a sore throat. Often used in cooking along with garlic, it adds flavor and aroma to many preparations in the kitchen.

Another popular food item that is replete in advantages to the body is sage. It goes well with most vegetables, and is known to make the mind sharper. Children are often given food that is seasoned with sage to help improve their academic performance.

A rich and highly appreciated item is saffron. Added to foods to enhance the richness of already exotic preparations, saffron is used widely in preparing rice, shellfish, and medicinal tea. A great remedy for curing depressing and premenstrual syndrome, saffron could also be a bit costly to the pocket.

A spice that is not exactly very popular across the world is rosemary. However, those countries and cuisines that do use it are well aware of its goodness quotient. Rosemary is known to reduce the risk of cancer. It is also known to contain a rich amount of antioxidants, necessary to pump blood into the body. It can be sued in vegetable or met preparations.

When delicious culinary delights also get packed with fitness inducing ingredients, the result can only be heartening. Healthy spices help enrich our dining experiences. However, they also take our measures of health to extraordinary heights.

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Why Healthy Spices Are Important

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