Creative Pool Party Games For Kids

By Gloria Mason
The summertime heat is the ultimate excuse for taking a dip in the cool and refreshing water. It means time to don the bathing suits, blow up those floating toys and enjoy the sunshine and some icy cold beverages. There are so many pool party games for kids that are fun, exciting and sure fire ways to have a full on blast.

Kids and water are as a classic summer combination as ice cream and cake. From their early days in the tub, most children come to love splashing around and swimming. Creating periods of organized play when tending to a good sized group of young people can help keep them focused, entertained and playing peacefully together.

The old time classics are still some of the favorites in many pools today. It is almost a rite of passage to play a game of Marco Polo when growing up and many still enjoy it as adults. It is always a thrill to respond “Polo!” to the unsighted it-person’s “Marco!” while racing around and trying to avoid being tagged.

Chicken fights are yet another classic favorite that has a larger thrill element and should be reserved for teens or older children. It requires all players to split off into pairs with one in the water supporting their partner on their shoulders. The point of the game is for all the top people to try and wrestle their opponents off their bottoms and the last couple standing are declared the winners.

The game of whirlpool requires everyone to work together is better suited for mid sized rounded pools of steady depth than larger ones. Get all of the children moving around the enclosure in the same direction, starting slowly and gradually getting faster and faster. Soon enough they will be moving with enough speed that the water will take over, at which point they all just raise their legs and ride the flow.

Jousting is a highly energetic competition that can be played in rounds as teams or as an elimination for individuals. Two people straddle inflatable rafts as their horses and meet in the middle of the battlefield trying to unseat there opponent using a pool noodle. The one with the most victories is the winner though even those who lose will find it worth it because of the fun.

Relay races can be a lot of fun with various floating devices such as rafts, donuts and inner tubes. All the children should form two teams, half of each going to opposite poolsides. The starters mount the floats and paddle as quickly as possible to their teammate waiting on the other end, they tag out and the seconds make their way back across to the third, continuing the passes until every member of one group has made it for the win.

As long as there is a place to swim, keeping children entertained is not too hard to do. Let them have some friends and family join them to enjoy some classic pool party games for kids. The old favorites that parents played as children are just as fun for the youth of today and can be made even more adventurous with a little creative adjustments.

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Creative Pool Party Games For Kids

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